Confirmation Class, Falls Church Presbyterian

“One thing that has impressed me the most is how the volunteer staff and the organization which runs the operations work so well to create an environment of respect, peaceable surroundings and connection to services such as job assistance, mental health, and medical services.”- Geary

“In my daily life, I don’t come into contact with people who are unfortunate to not have a place to live and sleep. So for me working a few hours at the winter shelter helps me remember how fortunate I am to have all I do.”  – Jerry

“I continue to serve because it’s the best way I know how to personally help bring about meaningful change in the lives of the men and women in our community who find themselves displaced from a permanent home.”  – Chris

“Recently my youth group had the opportunity to do service projects at the homeless shelter in Falls Church.  We met our leader one evening in early November 2011 to decorate the bulletin boards and give her the art I’d collected for framing.  I noticed that the homeless shelter was small but clean and organized.  it had a kitchen, an office, a living area, and two sleeping areas — one larger room for the men and a small room with two beds for the women.  As I looked around I began to see what our leader meant.  It was a warm place that provided shelter from the elements but it was no substitute for a loving home.  I was sad to think that some of my brothers and sisters had no place to call home and were suffering without the support I often took for granted.  I agreed that the shelter would feel a little homier with our art and new bulletin boards.  I knew that in a small way what we were doing was going to make a difference.

In April, we went back to the shelter to help prepare it for closing.  This time, our entire youth group, approximately 30 young men and women came to help with the end-0f-season cleaning.  We worked hard and when we were finished, the shelter was sparking clean.  We had gone the whole nine yards and cleaned the floors, bathrooms, windows, kitchen, lockers, mattresses, everything.  The feeling we all got was that the Spirit was testifying to us that we were doing the right thing.  I know that whenever I have the chance to help another person or do service, I feel this way”- Maddie Neilson